Working with Dr. Adelman, I know without question that I am prepared and have “thought of everything” – to the extent that is ever possible – before selecting a jury and heading into trial. Juli is incredibly versatile and is particularly skilled at evaluating and analyzing the evidence and testimony to hash out impactful and relatable themes and their best presentation. She is the full package and can handle large scope projects (mock juries, focus groups, voir dire and jury selection, openings/closings, trial monitoring), but is equally adept at tackling discrete, one-off requests. In one particular trial, Juli was indispensable on the specific issue of trial demonstratives and how to translate a particular theme into a tangible, hands-on visual graphics board. I highly recommend Dr. Juli Adelman for trial consulting to help you and your client understand the case from the viewpoint (and psychological propensities) of your fact finders—the jury.

Kate Stimeling

Riley, Safer, Holmes

Having known and worked with Dr. Adelman for over 10 years, I can say wholeheartedly that she possesses a rare skill set, education and expertise that would be difficult to duplicate. Her ability to scrutinize and type personalities and then parley this intuitive ability into the business and legal settings is invaluable.

I have worked with Dr. Adelman in a consulting capacity on various employee issues and business transactions. Most recently, her strategic guidance helped me to produce a very positive outcome with a new business venture.

Whether you are needing assistance picking a jury, needing help managing an employee, deciding whom to hire or formulating a business presentation, Dr. Adelman’s deep knowledge of psychology and experience in the business arena can provide professionals with the assistance they need to get the best possible result and achieve their objectives.

Heather Leon

Owner of Sumbody, Fitness LLC

Dr. Adelman is more than a jury expert she is an expert in the psychology of human emotion and decision making process. Dr. Adelman has a profound ability to immediately diagnose and understand people's personality's and their innate bias. Her gifted clinical and legal experience is a rare combination that allows her to successfully understand and predict jury decision making.

Dr. Stephan Poulter, Ph.D

Clinical Psychologist and Author