Jury Selection and Voir Dire

Identify Jurors Most Likely to Listen to Your Argument.

With her background in psychology, Dr. Juli Adelman understands people and how they will react in a specific situation. Together with her keen observational skills and research-driven understanding of group processes, Dr. Adelman will help you select the best jury possible. Blending in as part of the legal team. Dr. Adelman will serve as your eyes and ears during the jury selection process and throughout trial. Within this process, Dr. Adelman will also conduct social media research (Facebook etc.) on potential jurors in real-time and watch potential juror body language and interactions. As a result, you will have the information required to build the best jury possible as well as the ability to adapt your case on-the-fly at trial based on real-time information and the composition of the jury.

Depending on the rules of the particular jurisdiction, as part of these services we will create written juror questionnaires, potential voir dire questions and are available to review opening and closing statements.

Our Juror Consulting services includes:

  • Conducting social media research on prospective jurors to discover their potential biases
  • Distinguish which jurors are likely proponents or opponents
  • Writing juror questionnaires and potential voir dire questions