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Trial Consulting That is Personalized & Customized

Owned and operated by Dr. Juli Adelman, PsyD, MBA, Vantage Trial Consulting brings a unique and highly advantageous perspective to Trial lawyers representing defendants, primarily on insurance defense litigation where plaintiffs are seeking damages. With us, you benefit from personal, hands-on support throughout the trial process and custom-designed strategies. Dr. Adelman personally analyzes discovery, designs the mock trial, conducts the mock trial, and provides a report that will clarify what jurors think about the central issues in your case. We do not hire third party contractors. To assure consistency of service and the best outcomes, Dr. Adelman continues to work on your case until settlement or a verdict.

Uniquely Qualified

Dr. Adelman has devoted her life to psychology and how jurors make decisions. This deep-founded expertise gives clients a strategic advantage in defense litigation. In addition to a background in psychology, Dr. Adelman holds an MBA, enabling clients to also benefit from valuable business-related knowledge.

Dr. Adelman received her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and her Masters in Social Psychology. In addition, Dr. Adelman holds an MBA in Business.

Juli Ademan - Vantage Trial Consulting
Dr. Juli Adelman, PsyD, MBA